After nearly 4 years of absence from the subcontinent, I’m happy to announce that  I’m now ready to bring MM music to the streets of India!
MM HINDU ARTWORK 1 During the next 3 months I will be travelling from West Bengal to Tamil Nadu trying to stay off the beaten track as much as possible in order to get in touch with the local realities. This country has always had a special place in my heart, therefore this busking tour will have to be a special one! I’ve managed to contact few NGO’s that are currently supporting street children and people in need, so my priority will be to bring some live  music to schools, orphanages and hospitals in the first place.

MM HINDU ARTWORK 2Let’s don’t forget that India, apart from being a giant economy playing  a key role in the modern financial world, is also a huge country full of contrasts, where more than a billion human beings live with less than a $1.25 a day. This are the people i want to meet and entertain: street children who suffered from abuse, without access to a proper education and healthcare, people with a very hard life that carry on with their everyday life despite the daily challenging situations that climate, pollution and a very corrupted system create.

For this occasion I’ve had to refresh my knowledge of the local language, and I’m now in the process of translating some Bob Marley songs into Hindi, learning some evergreen folk song and arranging nursery rhymes for children with a Ska Reggae twist… People get ready, let’s do Hindi-steady!!!
Follow the adventure through the crowded streets of India! Get news, updates, videos and audio recordings  here on my blog or visiting my facebook page !

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