Travelling with a guitar might not make it easy for me if i wanna trak in the remote jungle but when it comes to urban activities, it certainly gets me in touch with the interesting side of things straight away.

The rainy season has just ended in Cambodia and i enjoyed the sight of lush green fields around the Tonle Sap Half while landing in Siem Reap, an otherwise dusty little town, made extremely famous by thre temples of Angkor Wat.
As i walked out the airport i did what i always do in an Asian city no matter how big: leave the premises of the car park, head to the main street, walk a few meters more jump on a tuk tuk. Same service without the stress, as this is thr tourist attraction number one in the country and this means flocks of taxi drivers offering you an overpriced ride to your hotel.

I wasn’t planning to stay in a hotel straight anyway as my host for a couple of night is Davy, a French 40 years old that 3 years ago came here and started a small business, that stands out from the multitude of bars and restaurants in town (over 700): it’s called Bugs Cafe and it’s an insect tapas and cocktail bar.

In a few words, he applied high cousine techniques to something that locals have been eating for centuries, insects. Currently it’s the only restaurant in the world thats serves this kind of food in this way.

His young and talented Khmer chef turned silk warms, scorpions and spiders into amazing modern tapas and dishes and the extensive menu includes things like Cricket Cheesecake, Meditarranean Feuillete’ with Ants, Tarantula Tempuras and even a Bug Mac, an actual insect burger that comes with sweet potato fries!

It opens at 6 every night and it’s already very busy even though the full season is still a month away.

I balanced the exotic dinner with a proper expat-style lunch the next day, where even though i went for “classic” tourist local options such as Fish Amok and Mango Salad, i enjoyed the 2 bottles of Red we drank together other 3 Frenchies!

Davy has a great love for music, especially for Old Jamaican Mento and Calypso and after i contacted him for a possible gig he offered me hospitality for a couple of night. Now i can’t wait to go back on the 2nd of December to play a party he’s organizing at his place…Bug Steady!


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