After the wedding show i played in Langkawi, i spent few days in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia where i have some good friends and where i play some gigs everytime i come back. Malaysians and Italians are quite similar when it comes to hospitality. In this particular case, my friend Khairil, that put me up for a few days, took me do some grocery shopping and literally prepared a feast in a few minutes for us to enjoy!




After a weekend spent playing shows, including an impromptu gig in his restaurant/jazz bar Ril’s, and my usual gig at Pisco Bar, he invited to Pulau Rawa, a spectacular private island belonging to his family, where he runs Alang’s Rawa a fantastic beach resort.


The island is a perfect get away from the busy capital and it’s easy to reach on a 3 hours drive. Once we arrived to the beach, we were greeted with this amazing view!

IMG_0620 (2)

IMG_0609 (2)

IMG_0607 (2)

The sea water is crystal clear and the sand is perfect white powder. Being this place a private island, the development had a minimum impact to the environment.

IMG_0611 (2)


IMG_0614 (2)

Needless to say the resort is mostly fully booked weeks in advance but we were lucky enough and got a couple of available rooms due to a cancellation. After a quick swim and snack, we were ready to start our little fishing adventure.

IMG_0619 (2)

Khairil was raised on the island and despite being a very successful entrepreneur, he loves to go back to his roots whenever he can and use his natural skills to provide his guests frsh fish for dinner!



After literally few minutes he already caught a couple of fishes that would have been worth good money in the capital city’s restaurants.





His mate James is a childhood friend and spent many years on this island. While me, Joshua and the girls were chilling on the boat sipping beer, these guys were engaged in a healthy fishing competition.

IMG_0638 (2)

IMG_0642 (2)

Pretty much all the small islands surrounding Pulau Rawa are deserted and many of them belong to the Sultan of Johor, one of the most important states of Malaysia.


After few hours on the boat we caught enough fish to feed a football team. We got back to the resort to enjoy the sunset while i played an intimate acoustic set for friends and guests. IMG_0699


After few rounds the whole resort turned into a massive party (the perks of being on a private island) and the Frenchies who were spending the weekend in the resort ended up playing beer pong and dancing until early morning. After all this is the main reason why this little piece of paradise is so busy all year round!






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