There’s a little piece of Africa hidden in a dusty corner of West India. Africans slaves were not only brought to America, but the also followed the silk route during the times of Portuguese colonization.


Me and the troupe reached the closest town with some tourist facilities, hired a bike and spent a couple of days shooting these amazing dancers and musicians.


They are the Sidhis, black Africans coming from Uganda, Mozambique and SaoTome, who were brought to India to work as slaves and soldiers.


They don’t speak any African language anymore but Gujarati and Hindi. Luckily they still preserve some traditional dances and being Sufi Muslims (the most mystical branch of Islam that include playing music as form of worship) they perform every day in front of the mosque.



The guru they take inspiration from was a drummer and they still play percussions to attain trance.

IMG_0099 Untitled-37

After a few minutes we were surrounded by beautiful kids with amazing smiles. I’ve never been to Africa but this time i felt like i was transported in the black continent straight away!

Untitled-33IMG_0102My girlfriend who helped with the shootings is a very talented dancer and as soon as they realized she was more into the music than the cameras, they took her in and started to dance together. Follow Miserable Man adventures as a documentary about my travels in India will be out soon!



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