Left Italy on a rented car and driven in the pouring rain that started after 1 hour keeping me company nearly the whole time.
10854240_936986636363536_7748149009012398477_oAustria really needs to get a grip as the highway is basically a pitch black thing running through the forest without any decent white stripes to show you the way. Germany still rock as small bottles of water are more expensive than big bottles of beer and highway coffee is good. Holland has still got that beautiful light that makes everything looks like a painting. Managed to sleep on a chair for 5 hours in a row on the ferry, ignoring the loud kids playing near me and the 50 bikers sipping their cans of beer on the way to their holiday to England and woke up in time to see the Suffolk coast appearing from the grey horizon. Been driving my Italian car on the “wrong” side of the road and witnessed a majestic sunset that i thoroughly enjoyed from the A12, the main road to the east coast of Norfolk, running through magic landscapes of huge trees, gorgeous parks, sheeps, swans and very few houses just as the dj was dedicating a beautiful song to the sunset. Arrived in Lowestoft listening to some Beethoven sonata on Classic Radio 100.99FM (loving the British accents on Italian musical terms) and rang my friend Dan.
Went to Asda and got a couple of good Italian reds (Primitivo di Manduria and a Montepulciano d’ Abruzzo) and spent the evening chatting in a comfy living room in my place for the summer, an old Victorian house full of vinyls, with proper carpets on the floor and a very old school English vibe…Think i’m off to Norwich today, will be looking for an imbalmed moose to stick on the wall!

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