Be aware of this very dangerous Italian terrorist in the act of being stopped by the police while trying to bomb innocent people with the dangerous weapon of mass infatuation known as Music.


Photo: Paco Garcia //

It’s good to see the authorities spending tax payers money in such life saving measurements, while crime rate is increasing, OGM food is being sold everywhere, local businesses are shutting to let big shopping malls invade the planet and laws are banning natural organic food and entertainment. A special thanks goes to all those people who keep spontaneous Art alive through understanding, tolerance and donations. Every street performer needs this kind of community support in order to provide a service which makes streets safer, local businesses healthier and people happier!

One response to “MM WANTED: DEAD OR ALIVE!

  1. Ahoy there MM . . . all power to you for creating this archive . . . and to the whole fratenity of street performers . . . who withstand regulation . . . but thrive as disciples of freedom . . . and trade in the currency of joy . . . If you like travelling and busking come to Australia & New Zealand . . . home of the didgeridoo . . . at the bottom of the world is a ship of fools intoxicated by their own genius . . . larfing their heads off while the ozone bleeds . . . You are the bomb man !!!

    Peace, love & respect from Captain Tricko
    Monos Orginalis – one man band / sailor / surfer / human urger

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