IMG_2798The Miserable Man UK/EU Spring Summer Tour started with a ferry from Harwich to Hook of Holland. The first destination will be Montesquieu Volvestre, a tiny village in the outskirts of Toulouse, where some friends have built a lovely house in the woods and where i will be a show during the weekend (i’m writing this post from their lovelt wooden livingroom overlooking the snow-covered Pyrenees mountains). The journey started on a tuesday night, when i left my friend’s nice little house in Norwich to adventure in the misty roads of East Anglia, driving my new van on a long distance for the first time. So far these have been the highlights of my 1300 kilometres trip! 1) Driving on the Suffolk countryside at 2AM, while the mist would come up from the fields and the reassuring vouice of a DJ comments exquisite pieces of Italian classical music (Tosca) on the radio. IMG_28202)Getting on the ferry at 9AM to discover that the bar serves an awesome coffee and spending few hours chilling out in super comfy seats, wrapped in my purple blanket, reading the very useful Musician’s Union guide, churning out new ideas to improve my artistic carreer. IMG_2790 IMG_2792 IMG_2810 IMG_2794 IMG_2804 IMG_2806 IMG_2807 3)Applying the GB (Great britain or grumpy bastard) magnetic stickers on the back of the van as required by the European street code once i  landed on the coast of Holland, plus managing to apply the beam light converter kit successfuly (i was somehow scared at the idea of not being able to do it..?) IMG_28124)Spending 45 minutes in a crazy traffic jam in the industrial zone of Hoek of Holland, being stuck in a gridlock of people getting back from work with my tomtom driving me crazy (i now mastered the art of simply follow the instructions!). 5)Discovering that it’s quite easy to drive an English car on the right side of the road, especially when enjoying the beautiful Dutch sunset light. IMG_2811 IMG_28146)Driving through Antwerpen, Belgium and recognizing it’s chocolate-cake shaped buildings while terrible Flemish pop plays on the radio. 7)Being stopped by the French Custom Police as soon as passing through the border: following them down the car park thanks to the fact that i remember what “suivez(follow us)” means, having the van searched thoroughfully by 6 officers and being asked what sort of musiuc do i play. Answering “Jamaican stuff” and having one cop asking me whether i also enjoy consuming jamaiucan “products”. Of course, i lied saying that i used to when ui was younger and that now those days are over! 8)Reaching Reims at midnight, having a look around scouting possible busking locations for the future and being helped by a super friendly local to park the van in a safe area where the Police will not bothering me in the morning. IMG_2821 IMG_2825 IMG_2837 IMG_28299)Waking up the next day and ordering a coffee in the bar in front of the car, just to find out that they regularly host live bands: ending up swapping contacts with the owner for a possible gig in the future. IMG_284510)Leaving Reims at 9Am instead of busking as it’s still way too cold for my tropicalized fingers but not before having took several pictures of French architechture of buildings looking like pieces of cheese or cakes and driving through the Champagne region while the Jazz radio plays old Steely Dan songs! IMG_2861 IMG_2855

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