After 2 busy months playing gigs on the beaches of South of Goa it’s time to get some relax and re-focus. It’s been great to meet old and new friends and i’m looking forward to come back next season.


Me and Colin Power hosted Tuesday nights open mic and a Friday live night at Lotus, a nice beach resort in Patnem.


Often we would pass the hat and we were surprised by the generosity of the audience.


Some Sundays we would spend the early afternoon playing chilled tunes on the beach and selecting some fine grooves while having a break sipping a delicious pineapple, ginger and mint juice.


People would engage in beach volley competitions whilst me and Colin sweat the hell out jamming under the tropical sun!IMG_1589

We loved so much our jams in Thailand, that i wanted to get a cajon as soon as i’ve got to Goa. For about 100GBP i managed to get a good one: crispy snare sound and a deep bass!


So me and Colin we started performing together, putting our two acts together. It was great fun to listen to eachother’s composition enriched by backing vocals and percussions.


Almost every morning i would wake up with my caffeine craving (the only drug i never managed to quit) and would take a nice walk down the beach, on the way to my breakfast place.





The place i really love in the morning is called Magic View. It provides an authentic Italian cuisine, including classic recipes like , spaghetti alle vongole, pesce all’acquapazza, tiramisu and buffalo mozzarella. The founder is an Italian chef and his presence and experience guarantees excellent rendition of any dish.


With such a view (hence the name), it’s not a surprise this place is often full and in the morning the whole beach seems to come down here for original coffee made with moka, and handmade brown bread and brioches.


Ah, in some afternoons i would treat myself with a delicious strawberry cake and a small americano.


I will probably go back to Goa next year, around Xmas time, for a couple of months. Apparently there’s a very nice bar that offered me and Colin Power a residency throughout the season…! See you soon Goa..!!!




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