Beginning of the European cold season: days vare getting shorter and darker and i never have enough heavy clothes in my luggage, so a classic thing to do in october is to go to skyscanner and get the cheapest flight to Bangkok!


I’ve been quite lucky: found a very good rate (250 GBP one way with Turkish Airlines) and flought to Thailand straight away, where the humid heat wrapps around you at night as well!


The main reason i flought to Bangkok instead to KL (where i normally play few shows to recover the money of the ticket) is because i’m India bound and Bangkok is the easiest place where to get a 6 months visa, plus i’m waitinbg to catch up with Colin Power and together have some fun whilst our papers get ready. I thought getting the visa on your own was way harder than it turned out to be. it took the whole morning to fill up the online form and scan passport photos. Then it was just a matter of going to the visa centre and wait for 10 days.


I’m now travelling with my full busking gear so we thought of trying some street performing in Bangkok. The busiestr area is of course the touristy Khao San Road where i had to ask permission to the local police. Infact you don’t wanna get caught busking with a case full of money especially when you’re on a tourist visa. Police don’t get get paid much in Thailand and they are reknowed to try to extort large sums of money from foreigners. So we went for the almost always working diplomatic approach: we entered the police station with our instruments, sat down and waited for our turn then politely asked permission to play. They made few phone calls and eventually allowed us to perform for 1 hourbutno money had to be collected! So we said thanks and went for it straight away!



People loved it straight away. We set up right in front of the police station where Khao San crosses the main road and instantly people stopped and started dancing and swinging while we were playing some Jamaican classics!



Went back to bed feeling very happy about the busking session. Playing on the streets has the power of making you feel at home even in the biggest and busiest city of South East Asia..! The adventure continues!!!


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