This year, for the first time, i had the pleasure to see my Ferrara Buskers Festival submission accepted! This is one of the biggest busker festivals in the world and surely the biggest in Italy: 2015 edition will be the 28th!


After i collected my badge and board, i parked the car, got all the gear ready and headed to my assigned location.


As usual i set up my guitar case with all the cd’s, postcards and business cards well insight: for this time i knew there wouldn’t be any trouble with police officers, neighbours or beggars: the whole city was gonna be a massive 10 days busking parade!


Even though my portable amplifier is quite small and not too loud, the lovely natural acoustics of the pitch helped my music to travel further. I set up under a beautiful arch, just in front of an ice cream parlour, in my opinion a great spot when it comes to build up a crowd of kids and families!




People seemed to enjoy my music. I sat on my amp in order to create a more comfortable and intimate situation. As usual kids came closer, danced to the music and i received many tips other than selling cd’s.


All the pictures where taken by my sister who joined me with a friend for this lovely musical adventure. Hope to be back next year too! Here’s the official website of the festival:


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