ON THE ROAD AGAIN!!! I’m on my way to Gatwick airport to get my flight to Venice. Unfortunately they moved my flight to 5:50AM and it means i will get to the airport only 20 minutes before they close the check in..! Hope the bus will not be late…!


few days into my arrival in Italy i a cracking time playing my first show in Bassano Del Grappa with the amazing percussionist Giatamuta Giatà. The setting was great, right on the old wooden bridge, the venue packed with an energetic and captive audience. Together we are planning some shows around Italy, France and Spain for September 2014…Just can’t wait! Other than being an incredible musician, he’s also an educator and started CAFÉ TOUBA, a multiethnic musical project involving people from Italy, Africa and Brazil. Great vibes and positive energies…!


Since i moved to England and started Miserable Man, on the 26th of November 2010, i left my poor 1982 Vespa Px in Italy, waiting for me to come back and rescue her. Today i finally got the time to get her back: a super talented Vespa specialist will spend a couple of months working on it: it needs a new engine, new varnish and other minor fixes and by the end of July i should be able to ride it again! JUST CAN’T WAIT!!!



“The real wealth is not about the money, nor the health, but the ability to feel genuine happiness for other people’s achievements”. Had a great time playing at Mavalà! It was great to see all the old friends, especially when you can tell that they are very happy for you, and happy to see you…!




After the show i even received this from a young talented girl:


The next day  i went to the supermarket and i did what i used to do when i was a teenager: looking for particular items in the overcrowded shelves is so much more fun when you can speak italian with a thick-but-posh english accent! I found myself saying stuff like “dove’ senapi di cazzo..?”…”scusi, dovi trovi scamorzi affumicati..?”. People were eager to help and probably admired the British man speaking almost perfect Italian…!


I had the chance to spend a day in the studio with Alessandro, my Italian drummer. We tried to understand what’s the best way to capture the energy and the feel of the new songs. I don’t think i can work with a metronome anymore: it feels so much better to just play guitar and drums together while singing the song.


I want to record music which is alive. I don’t want a cd to be just a product, but the container of a genuine, heartfelt, human performance with its flaws and weaknesses. This is the way music was produced back in the days, when the magic and the spontaneity were more important than pitch perfect singers, copy paste madness! few days after the studio session i had a great time playing at Birreria Pedon, in the beautiful historical town of Marostica.



The icing on the cake has been when my good old friend Cris appeared in the crowd! He went to live in Brazil and i haven’t seen him in the last 8 years. We have been best friends in our teenage years, sharing a great love for music and he’s been my first english teacher ever. He’s still got that amazing smile and positive energy…!


A special thanks goes to Filipo, another old friend and photographer for coming along with his camera and creating such a good memory!


When in Italy, make sure you move your hands while people drive you around, try to be constantly hungry and pretend to care about sports…!


I was amazed by the quantity of gigs i could squeeze in just few days: apparently my hometown in the summer is getting very into live music…! This is a shot frommy first gig in an old historical bar which has been recently refurbished in a classic Italian 50’s style…!


And even the smaller towns around the area have now great cafes and clubs where i could get some show: one of these is Via Roma 17: i played a lovely gig in the back garden, with lots of friends coming up, awesome weather and fantastic homemade food and beers…!



Last but not least, i played an afternoon gig in a very special new place in town: some friends and bar managers got together for this summer project and transformed an old neglected area by the river into a perfect beach. The place is called L’Ultima Spiaggia, which means “The Last Beach”.



After 3 fantastic weeks of family, friends, great food and awesome early summer weather, it’s time to get my trolley back to England for a couple of months of live shows and studio recordings..! I’ll be back in Italy at the end of August and nwill play in Salento, South of Puglia, great seaside destination and one of the liveliest reggae scenes in Europe…!! See you soon Belpaese..!



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