Today for the very first time Miserable Man and Mum went for a bike ride! It’s been a fun day: we drove from Ubud to the fantastic Water Palace of Tirrta Ganga, enjoying beautiful landscapes, rice terraces, the view of the ocean, whilst Balinese people were busy with the preparation for the Nyepi, one of the most important festivals of the island.When i hear people discarding Bali because of its commercial appeal, i can’t help thinking they’re missing out big time…It’s my third visit in few years and the energy is unbelievable…!


Spent yesterday afternoon showing my mum around KL. It’s a great feeling when you get to know a city well enough to make the most of few hours walking around. From Jalan TAR back to Bukit Bintang, troddin’ down to Masjid Jamek and Chinatown. She had her first plate of Idli, a glass of Teh O Ice, and while her friend was scoffing a generous portion of Chicken Tikka, whit naan and sayur we enjoyed an amazing 1 hour long foot massage, done by super professional Chinese therapists. Now we’re off to explore the culinary delights of Georgetown Penang.

1921139_683900635005472_653038296_o St.Patrick night in JonkerStreet, surrounded by thousands of people having a great time while live music and pints of beer were coming from every corner. Towards the end of the night i ended up atRingo Classic Cafe where every weekend the owner entertains an energetic crowd singing classic pop songs. I was tipsy enough to ask him to let me play a tune and when he saw me he uttered “Reggae Maan….!”, handed me his guitar (he even had a kickdrum pedal connected to a tambourine!) and wanted me to play few songs. It feels like ages ago since i played my last gig…!Great bar, amazing crowd and fantastic vibe…! 


Tonight my little brother came from Bangkok to meet me and mum in Melaka. We went for a drink and i realized it’s been ages since we sat down together at the same table. A duo was playing and they asked me to play guitar in a song. So i did. While i was strumming this Stratocaster, i realized that the love i feel for life is the same love i feel for my family, the same love i feel for that blue colour, the same love i feel for a bowl of laksa, the guitar solo of Hotel California, the smell of the air when it’s about to rain, the sound of Malaysians birds in the early morning, the wrinkles on an old Chinese antiques seller, the way the light changes after a rainstorm…Love is not a feeling…it’s the whole life itself.


I swapped a couple of days in this beautiful island in exchange of some live music. The sun is setting and i’m about to start an acoustic set in the super chilled bar at Alang’s Rawa…Pure bliss…!



Between sets, i’m mixing some of my favourite latin chillout tunes and keeping the mic open for some mouth trumpet and freestyle…All this whilst my family is having a great time on the island, a gorgeous sunset is taking place and i’m sipping one of the best cocktails ever…Artistic freedom and a feeling of love.



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