I met Colin Power in Goa, India on the 23rd of December 2013. It was like meeting the friend you know you have somewhere in the planet, but just haven’t met yet…


He’s a brilliant singer songwriter from Bristol UK, (here is his website‎) and i just met him the night i attended to his first open mic at Lotus, Patnem beach. After he set up the open mic night, we started to jam together and get gigs around beach bars, apart from getting a residency at Lotus  twice a week.


Since we met,i thought he would have loved playing in KL, so i invited him over once i was back in Malaysia. After a great night of fun performing for hours on a wednesday night open sessions, i knew his act would go down well with the KL crowd.


That night we managed to contact Man the drummer, and even get Maddy to play bass. So we basically got him a band in an hour…!



What i love of Colin way of making music is essentialy his energy. He’s a great entertainer, a passionate bloke and of course a talented and sensitive songwriter. Apart from having a massive repertoire of classic funk, soul and pop numbers, his original compositions are as good as the rest of the stuff he plays, if not better.



The open mic session inevitably led to a gig downstairs at Pisco! One night in the city and my mate was already on the payroll…!


Colin played in a big funk band for years. You can tell of his stage experience when he’s performing. He’s one of those musicians that can move the crowd simply strumming two chords on the guitar and putting people in the dancing mood within minutes.


Many other great musicians were at Pisco that night, and if there is something Colin is good at is jamming with everybody making sure they can get some good stuff out of whatever they end up playing on stage. In this case he was joined by Fatima, quite a famous singer in the city, and they started grooving on some afrobeat straight away…


Aslak joined in with his mini trumpet as well, bringing a subtle jazzy touch to the sound…!


I’m really looking forward to meet him again, hopefully for a few days during my last week in KL. There are some of my songs that i love playing with him on backing vocals: his harmonies are always spot on and i think our musical souls work together quite well.
We will probably have another busy Goan adventure next winter…!


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