I arrived at Margao bus station early in the morning, and the heat was already incredibly intense. People were waiting for their bus tickets. Cheap rides on bumpy old Tata buses are the best way to move around the small state of Goa, unless you drive your own car.


Took a room in Benaulim for a few days: old friends were living there and it was nice to catch up after all these years. As the Christmas was approaching i moved further south, looking for a place to stay around Palolem, hoping for the music scene to be more vibrant down there.


I had the chance to help a couple of Italian volunteers that help the children of a local slum, near the fish market. They are mainly coming from poorer nearby states such Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. The kids really enjoyed some live music, especially my Hindi version of Bob marley “Three Little Birds”.


I’ve got a very good deal for my bike: i rented a brand new scooter for 2 quid a day, and drove hundreds of kilometers in the first few days. The sunny weather and clear blue sky was a big temptation after the early winter temperatures of the north. Plus, the roads of Goa seem to be the best kept of the subcontinent.


Distances are quite small down here, so everyday i could drive from Benaulim to different destinations, crossing small fishing villages, lagoons, beaches and deserted roads, where only few skinny cows and crows dared roaming around.






Goa is quite famous for its gorgeous sunsets. Almost every evening around 6PM, Mother Nature didn’t disappointed us. Locals and tourists all get together on the beach to enjoy the show of the Sun setting over the horizon.


One of the coolest spots in Patnem beach, the quite stretch of golden sand right south of the busier Palolem, is Lotus Resort. I had the pleasure to meet Manav the owner, his wife and family, plus all the staff and a crazy array of regulars. Together with my friend Colin we played there regularly and turned this awesome place in probably the busiest bar of the beach.


With an open mic on Tuesdays and me and a Live band on Fridays, the bar’s reputation for live entertainment grew overnight.


After one of my gigs at another venue, Space Goa, three French tourists decorated my business cards…I love them..!


One and an half month in the quiet of South Goa passed very quickly. I was very lucky to meet so many amazing people, and had such a relaxed time that i didn’t even bothered taking pictures of them. This time it was personal quality time…I’m looking forward to come back few months next year as well…


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