Here i am, getting out of the train at the Pasar Seni station, or Chinatown if you like. I’m back in KL after 3 very intense months of India and i feel like i’ve never left. I’m so often in this city recently, that it started to feel very familiar, a secure port to go back to.


Unlike the breezy and dry Goa, Kuala Lumpur is constantly sticky and humid, so the priority is to get an haircut. My usual place in Chinatown is still shut because of the recent Chinese New Year so i had to try a random barber shop…


i wasn’t too impressed with the results, but at least i stopped sweating like a fat old German tourist…!


The world is small town to me, let alone Kula Lumpur: walking down the road i met a fellow musician that i sometimes play with. We went together to get some food at our usual spot, a Thai place where i always order nasi goreng seafood and barley ais to drink.


You know it’s Malaysia when you have a cup of coffee in a bag…!



While walking around Bukit Bintang area i could hear some music, and as soon as i’ve got closer, i knew that only one man in the country can drum so well in the middle of the city, drummer extraordinaire Man Kanan, another amazing musicians that often collaborates with me for my gigs in the area.


Now that i left the busy guesthousem in Chinatown and i live in a nice apartment at the core of the busy area of Jangkat, i love to have breakfast just around the corner, where, among big buildings and expensive modern cars, a little warung still serve cheap Malay fares for the joy of locals on their lunch break. It’s the best way to sample the taste of the country and improve my bhasa.



After a busy weekend of gigs i managed to pay a visit to my younger brother who’s currently living and working as a chef in Georgetown, Penang. I took an early bus on a monday morning, reached Butterworth by noon, and jumped on the ferry to the island.


He was waiting for me with empty stomach, so we headed straight to a Chinese place famous for its delicious curry mee, a classic rich noodles soup with seafood and clams, a must try when in Penang…!


We walked around the busy streets of Chinatown and decided to invest the day in some serious food sampling, the best option when in town, as Penang has been awarded as Top Food destination in the world.


We stopped at a famous food court overlooking the sea. The gentle breeze is so nice, especially when having a break from the hustle bustle and enjoying a refreshing cendol kacang, a local dessert.



Around sunset, we drove our bike to a small bar called Antarabangsa (International). It is actually a place where regular locals mingle with tourists, domestic visitors and even sailors on a break. You can get your can of beer straight from the fridge, bring your own food from any hawker and enjoy a cheap night out in good company…!


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