On the train from Jahnsi to Delhi, i was dreaming of my comeback to the Indian capital after an absence of nearly 3 years.


While my semi yoga sleeping position was well adjusted after many attempts of fitting the space properly, i wasn’t sure my body and soul were actually ready to another sudden Delhi experience. Three years of South East Asia can turn any traveller into a spoiled little brat when it comes to return to India, especially if on a tight budget and willing to travel the Subcontinent hardcore style.


Once arrived in Paharganj, apart from noticing that the main road of the bazaar has been widened, everything was pretty much looking the same. Apart from some attempts of giving the area a “western” feeling in occasion of the Commonwealth games of few years back, the city council did’nt manage to turn this part of Delhi into a Noida, Gurgaon experiment, and i’m frankly quite glad.



IMG_2863The Imperial cinema was still there, with his  vintage looking red crumbling walls, so picturesque against a unusual clear blue sky.


I had a little mission, that didn’t include the sampling of every street food stall. This time my belly was in safe hands: while having nearly all my meals in quality restaurants away from the risk of food poisoning, i could explore the music stores of Connaught Place, while looking for a bansuri, the traditional wooden flute used in Indian classical music, a gift for a friend in Khajuraho.



If i was India Prime Minister, my motto would probably be: “SAGAR RATNA IN EVERY INDIAN CITY!” After Kolkata and its picturesque charme i’m having an hard time taking pictures in Delhi and i feel like it’s not longer my (visually) favourite city. So i’m digging the incredible food scene and the amazing South Indian fares that this excellent restaurant can offer made me purchase a ticket to Ahmedhabad, on the way to the South. Can’t resist the appeal of Rasam, Sambaar, Idli, Dosa , Vada…VANNAKAM !!


I love the colonial feel of Connaught Place. Despite the massive presence of modern stores and big brands, there are still old businesses going on, such as butchers, opticians, stationeries and photographic studios.


I decided to purchase a flute in a small shop that had a lot of choice and appeared to be the favourite among the city’s musicians.



In India western women have the reputation of being very easy, horny and ready for massive orgies 24 hours a day..! I don’t know if this is the cause of the result, but it is funny how Indian movie posters still portray white ladies in lascivious poses. It’s odd especially when the actors in the movie are all Indians and the plot is quite far from being “Sexy”. Same goes for condoms: you can see them well exposed in some general stores, and instead of subtle images of hands holding hands, hearts or stuff like that, they normally feature pictures from 80’s American porn magazines…! The grass is always greener on the other side..!



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