“To record a song with the kids!” I always wanted to do this, but i didn’t think it was gonna happen so soon within my arrival in India! Few months back i realized how good do some Bob Marley songs sound when translated in Hindi. 


So, apart from writing an original tune called “Om Namaste”, i managed to rehearse “Three Little Birds” at the slum few times during my stay in Kolkata.I re named the song “Cinta Mat Karo” (Don’t Worry), even thought the kids seems to keep calling it “Cidia ka gana” (The song of the birds). They grabbed the chorus straight away and let me sing the verses.


One morning, instead to try to create a “quite” environment at “The Club”, i asked to few of them to follow me outside, making sure to include two of the more musically inclined.Once placed the portable recorder on the guitar case, right on the stairs in front of the Hooghly river, while the daily activities on the river banks were taking place, adding a bit of colour to the recordings.


We played the songs twice and the second take is the one who will actually make it as download this coming Christmas.I decided to help “A Mano A Mano” releasing a Xmas song i recorded a couple of years back in the UK. To make the project more fun, i thought of adding a song performed with the kids themselves plus an acoustic version of a new Hindi song i wrote while waiting for my Indian visa in Bangkok.


Together with the music there will be an E-Book containing images from the daily life at Nimtalla Ghat and informations and facts about how this little organization does operate.


Once the recording was done i handed the headphones to the kids who never heard themselves recorded; they seemed to have loved it and many of the locals came closer to see what was going on.


I love to see how nowadays, just with an acoustic guitar, a basic portable recording equipment and some determination, we can get things done very quickly, even in India…! Stay tuned !!!


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