After a 4 hours delayed train from the deep south of Thailand, i managed to get to Bangkok, in the early afternoon.


Avoided any transport offer at the main exit, where the tuk tuk mafia feasts on new comers and first timers, and did the way the Thai do: just walked out from the rear of the train station, jumped on a cab making sure it had the fees and driver details well visible, and with just 50THB (1£),  i went to Tanao Road, a quiter alley close to the tourist area. All the commodities but no noise and stress !


When i arrived to my new favourite place to stay, was pleased to know that my usual room was still available. It’s a upmarket place, with mainly all the room equipped with AC (which i don’t really like/need). There are only 2 rooms with fan and shared bathroom, which is exactly what i need. Fan means a more healthy environement for me and my voice, and shared bathroom translates into less smell and water noise.

Left my room straight away as i was literally starving. Had a walk on the neighbourhood and headed to one of my favourite corner food stall, where a Thai lady and her son run a simple little restaurant, serving proper food at local prices.


For just 1£ you can have a delicious plate of Thai Seafood fried rice, with squids, green vegs, egg, chillies and fresh lime…yummy !

Walking back i paid my regards to the King: His Majesty is one of my favourite photo subjects. He appears pratically everywhere…!


In the little alley  where i stay, there is a brand new family of little cats…they play all day while the parents sleep to avoid the heat.

IMG_1418 After a regenerating nap, it’s time to go out and enjoy a night of good live music. My favourite hangout in this area is a Blues Bar where there is Blues live music every night of the week. The musicians are some of the finest in the city and the crowd is a nice blend of locals, expats and casual tourists. Plus it’s probably the smallest Blues bar i’ve ever been to and the atmosphere get suddenly very intimate.



The next day, i wake up quite late, thanks to the few drinks and good night out. I decide to go for a walk in order to get some “fresh” air !



I past one of my usual food places, run by a bunch of young Thais. The food is cooked on the spot every day and the choice is incredible.


Bangkok is a place where i can have 3/5 meals a day. The food is very light and spicy and i love trying out stuff that i don’t know yet !
This time i went for rice with lemongrass fish cakes, sweet pumpkin stew and stir fried vegetables.


Everytime i’m in Bangkok, i make sure i catch up with a Thai friend who knew me since she was studying in Norwich and i was busking.
So i took a cab and went to one of the bars where i play when i’m in Asia, on the other side of the city.


It was great to see her and to hear some new stories about her life back in Thailand. We had some great food, few chilled beers and enjoyed a night of live music listening to a very talented local band. Music and haircuts were top notch…!


Here’s their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/zweedznroll


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