Yes!!! After a long flight i finally made it to KL ! Tired but buzzing, i make my way to the exit with my small luggage and guitar.


The heat and the humidity are some of the highest on earth, so before i get out looking for a bus, i grab myself an energy drink !


By the time i reach Chinatown it’s nearly midnight, but never too late to get a basic room at the Wheelers guesthouse. The friendly Chinese doorman is always there, snoozing during his night shift, and i have to kindly wait few minutes for him to sort the right keys out !


I decide to drop my stuff and walk straight back to Jankat, the busiest area for weekend nightlife: it’s a friday night and the city will be on the party mood. I know i’m gonna bump into someone i know as soon as i will reach Bukit Bintang..!


In order to cope with the humidity and the heat (night temperatures don’t drop under 27 degree over here), i take a sit at my favourite spot, Ber Brothers, one of the best South Thai restaurants in Jalan Alor, the famous strip bursting with food stalls that keep open all night long.

The Burmese waiter recognizes me straight away, despite my 5 months long absence, and as i always order the same thing when i eat here, he invites me to sit and orders my favourite dish, Nasi Goreng Seafood and spicy sauce with a glass of Barley Ice.


On my way to Jankat i check if the buskers are performing along Jalan Alor…someone is already asleep..!


Local buskers always draw a big crowd here. They provide free entertainement in a city where a lot of people still can’t afford cliubs and expensive drinks.


The little kids enjoy the action as well !


You know you’ve been in town long enough when, while taking a picture, you hear someone from the crowd shouting your name..!


In the meanwhile sole traders sell cheap plastic toys while arab women in burka walk the streets on their own.


Once i get to Pisco, one of my favourite bars and places to perform, i bump into khairil, even before to reach the bar to say hi to the owners. he takes me upstairs where a table, friends and drinks await me…!


Good to see old friends…nothing really changes over here..! Spanish, Pakistani….everyone finds his place in KL !


Apparently, friday night is a good one to dance at Pisco’s. Since the last time i was here, they opened a new floor upstairs where they host Dj’s, live acts and a weekly open mic session.



After 3AM it’s time to go somewhere else…we end up in a fancy club where i’ve never been before. The Brasilian Dj kicks the ass !


My friend Huba offers me a jelly alcohol shot….The future is here !


We then go to Khairil’s place with few friends, and it’s good to watch the sunrise coming over the city from this amazing apartement.


Morning after (afternoon would be more appropriate) i take a walk around the area between Chinatown and little India…


I need to get some basic supplies, such my favourite Indian soapbar, medimix, and Vicco, the famous Ayurvedic toothpaste.



I’ve got no time to wander around the food stalls of Chinatown, as i’m off to Bangsar for my first gig…


I catch a taxi and head to Jalan Maroof. Tonight i will play at an Italian bar and restaurant owned by a Italian/Jamaican couple….!


IMG_0909After the soundcheck i enjoy a little snack, a spritz (which i normally don’t drink in Italy, but here it tastes better..), and a chat with max, the owner.

IMG_0914 After midnight i’m starting to feel very tired and i walk my way to my room in Chinatown…Good night KL, happy to be back !!


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