The last time i went to India i met Richie, a friend from Norwich who was a key element in my decision of moving to England and start a full time musical carreer. Abby and Paul are Richie’s friends and they were in India too at the time. We all met in Arambol, Goa. It was such a great time back then, and i could never imagine i would be playing at their wedding 3 years later…

970805_10201475099500741_86644556_nTheir special day could’nt have been any different. I’ve played to dozens of weddings but their one was a really different one. It was like going to a mini festival in the beautiful Norfolk countryside…

IMG_0124Respect for nature and a bar serving local cider…!

IMG_0126Abby’s boss, the owner of the oldest ethnic shop in the UK, played few ragas at the tambura…a reminder of India, the place who brought us together !

IMG_0129After the hippie/ethic vibes, it was Dj time. Everyone at the party was provided with fractal googles, especially imported from Amsterdam !

IMG_0132This was my view as i walked into the dance floor !

IMG_0133A great selection of brackbeat, drum and bass and dancey stuff was played that night, including some proper vinyls spinning !


IMG_0147The cozy chillout area nearby was a perfect place to go back to, while having a break from the clubby area !


IMG_0150Some more entertainement was provided by 4 fire jugglers, who did a great job in the lawn behind the venue !



Abby giving the hula hoop a go !!!IMG_0221



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