The new album is on its way, but there are still little bits to be added ! Today’s technology allows me to work from my room and bring the new takes to the studio to be finally put together with the rest of the recordings ! Althought this is an easy task, i tried to get pretty much all the reocrdings done “one take”, to make the album sound like a recorded performance, rather than a copy and paste job.

IMG_0074I wanted to work very quickly to mantain the spontaneity: i just added a new bassline to a song called “Play Guitar!”. After a couple of takes to  get the right sound, i opted for the muted one, where i played the strings mainly with my thumb, in a very “The Police” fashion.

IMG_0077I use the same music software than the studio, so it’s very easy for me to join different bits once i get together with the engineer.

IMG_9698Done the vocals of “Casanova”, the only acoustic track of the album with a condenser mic. The guitars have been recorded in a room in Bali.


Time to adjust those lines before the actual take is done !

IMG_9705For the first time i recorded a guitar solo ! On the last track of the album, “Miserable Man”, instead of the mouth trumpet, i decided to play few bars on the guitar. We have been recreating a very retro vintage sound, with lots of reverb and vibrato.

IMG_9709It’s good to have different guitars to choose from. Sometimes you can’t beat a bit of Telecaster !

IMG_9713Luckily, the room where i used to record the vocals, sounded quite good ! The clothes hung on the back of the door, helped refraining the sound to bounce back on the mic.

IMG_9742Once i brought the last takes to the studio, the songs were ready to be mixed and mastered. The album is available on


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