For the second year in a row, i’ve had the pleasure to be invited to play at “Rock The Boat”, a very special appointment for me: it’s a small local festival held in Brundall, in the outskirts of Norwich, where every year the primary school puts up a weekend of Live music and fun for its pupils and families.

IMG_9818This year the festival has got slightly bigger, and i shared the stage with other local acts, like the He Hew’s, a brilliant combo playing a mix of early rock and roll, swing and rocksteady !

IMG_9819Before the soundcheck i had a look around: the activities for the kids include a vegetable garden as well !

IMG_9820The He Hew’s are a great fun to see live. they are a very tight band, light hearted, engaging and very uplifting.

IMG_9822Their harmonies are some of the best i’ve heard from a local act and the bassis still play a very old school form of bass guitar, made of a string tied to a wooden stick and a bucket, in the real old blues tradition.

IMG_9823They often busk around the city, and they have that rough energy and stage presence that only street performers can can listen to some of their stuff @



IMG_9836Some celebs were at the party as well !!!


IMG_9833It’s s very family oriented festival, small and intimate but very well organized !

IMG_9828Workshops are set up for the kids to partecipate to and share some creative time outside of the normal school hours.



After the show, i met some of the young friends and sold some cd’s to their parents, plus i had the chance to give them a small souvenir from the island of Gili Meno,: they could pick one of their favourites from a little box full of colourful tropical seashells !

IMG_9837Every year i get these young girls to sing along and jump onstage with enflatable guitars and play some rock and roll !



I hope to be back next year too! the festival seems to be gaining popularity very quickly, and it’s great to see the small community of brundall getting so united and efficient.IMG_9843You’re never too old to join in and have some fun !!! See you last year Brundall School, the school of rock, the school who rocks !


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