IMG_9683Summer in England for a musician like me, means basically two things: reggae weddings and Festivals !

IMG_9642This year, for the second time i’ve been invited to play at Alive and V-Dubbin’ Festival in Ipswich. i love playing here: the setting is great and the funky vintage vibe of the event is really in tune with my music and lifestyle !

IMG_9643This sort of Festival is well spread out throughout the country, and not only, and it’s a great opportunity for VW vans owners and camping enthusiasts to spend a weekend sharing the simple joys of outdoor lifestyle, surrounded by like minded people, nature and good music.


IMG_9645This year i’ve been asked to play 2 gigs, one on Friday, the opening day, and one on the Sunday, plus i’ve been booked to play at a wedding on the Saturday, wich was held in the festival area. Everytime i arrive on location to set up, i like walking around to see how the English people like to arrange their spots for the weekend. They’re always well organized with picnic gear, portable fridges and, needless to say, lots of beverages !

IMG_9647At this Festival, the quality and variety of cars and vans is amazing !!!




IMG_9650Not a bad way to decorate your car, isn’it ?

IMG_9651And what about a leopard car boot..??







IMG_9657I set up and soundchecked quite quickly, and whole waiting, i finally discovered the pleasures of Suffolk Cider….after nearly 3 years in this country, i guess it was about time..!




The Downsetters, a well known Ipswich based Ska Reggae band, was headlining on the saturday night, and Andy, the keyboard player, also runs a little clever coffee tuk tuk. It was a pleasure to spend few hours in his caravan, drinking ginger beer and talking about music !





IMG_9661Despite the not-so-gorgeous weather, an big area had been set up for kids entertainment, and the colours and the joyful kids playing all around definitely brightened up an overcasted day !

IMG_9670On the Saturday, i played 2 sets at a wedding party held in the Festival ground…what a great idea !

IMG_9676All around the marquee, vans were used to decorate the area, and the couple arrived on a cozy vintage VW van !

IMG_9679Time to prepare the set list !

IMG_9681When i decided to grab a bite to eat, i could’nt resist this pure vegetarian stall, serving currys and real indian rotis !!!

IMG_9682And after a busy day, on my way back to Norwich, i had a train meal, with one of my favourite combinations: egg and cress sandwiches and crisps !!!



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