Back in KL, Malaysia, my friend Khairil asked me whether i was up for playing at his sister’s wedding. I said that i would love to, but by June i would be back in England. He went “ worries, the wedding will be in Mykonos, Greece !!! “. Ok then, this sounds like an adventure !!!

IMG_9335After 6 months spent in beautiful tropical destinations, one might think i had enough of Sun, sea and sand…Well, not at all! There’s something absolutely unique in the beauty of Greek landscapes. The hot dry air, the turquoise sea and the clear blue sky, are things that you might hardly get all at once when you are close to the equator. This is possibly the best combination ever…Glorious weather, gorgeous food, and last but not least, just 2 hours away from London, on a comfortable Easy Jet flight !

IMG_9340My Greek driver was waiting for me at the tiny Mykonos airport, and once on the cab, he took me to my hotel straight away ! My place was a lovely family runned guesthouse, with white walls, white bedrooms, white bedsheets, and an amazingly chilled blue swimming pool !


IMG_9344My gig was only in the evening on the day after, so needless to say, i put my shorts on , ordered a bottle of local beer, and splashed in the cold refreshing water, while the sun of the early afternoon, was blinding all around and a gentle breeze was blowing from the nearby beach!

IMG_9348Few hours into this egean bliss, i receive a message from Khairil family: there’s a cocktail party going on at sunset, and they would love me to play few songs for the guests. I can’t think of a better way to enjoy this first Miserable Man greek experience and to thank my lovely hosts ! So i get in another taxi, where the driver looks incredibly like my brother in law, and while passionately smoking a local fag, asks me if i mind him smoking, as if i had any decisional power over that matter..! This is Greece, for God’s sake…and real men… smoke !

IMG_9352The hotel was on the other side of the island, so during our short car trip, i could enjoy the beauty of this place in the quiet of the early season, when only few scooters drive around the dusty roads, and the Greek people can still can make the most of their beautiful hometown, before the crowds of July and August turn this place into a 24/7 party place.

IMG_9353Once i’ve got to the venue, no guest was arrived yet, and i had all the time to set up and enjoy the beautiful seaview.

IMG_9356The lovely bar staff made me try few different cocktails, that were about to be served all throughout the night.

IMG_9360The quicker the soundcheck, the longer the pre show aperitif ! This is a little rule that i’ve learnt over the years !

IMG_9363Once the first guests started populating the beautiful terrace, the staff would provide everybody with colourful drinks. While the sun was about to set, the light gradually turned to different shades of orange, pink and red, as the laughters were getting louder.

IMG_9369It’s Showtime ! The place is all glowing in the amber evening light, the guests had their first drinks, and it’s the perfect time to start playing some tunes. I will opt for a Jazzy, Latin, Acoustic vibe, and if the people will show some engagement, i will push it abit on the Ska side !

IMG_9374While playing in such a beautiful and exclusive setting, i could’nt help thinking how much i love this “job”…Seeing new places, new people, travelling the world only because of the notes coming from my voice and guitar…Yes, i feel like this is my calling card !

IMG_9376One of the best moments for any musician, is to be able to enjoy the after show, when the pressure is gone, and all you have to do is sample drinks and fingerfood, while everybody around is having a great time…!

IMG_9386Khairil and Martin, are definitely enjoying the night !

IMG_9388The next day i’m ready to play at the drink reception, after the ceremony. The setting is fantastic, and although the weather is not as good as the day before, the atmosphere is great. A big space, few visitors, the rough sea and a sweet breeze blowing…

IMG_9400While i’m waiting for the sound guy, i have a look around and there’s nothing wrong in sipping a local beer watching the sea..!

IMG_9407I take few shots while walking around: the bride had this great idea: a photoboot for the guests, where friends and relatives will have the chance to leave some funny souvenir, trying out different hats and make ups..!

IMG_9410Of course, i’m up for a self portrait !


IMG_9423I’m not the only musician playing today: a local band of traditional music will play after the dinner later tonight.


IMG_9428When it’s soundcheck time, we quickly manage to get a good sound…i always feel good when some Mackie gear is around !


IMG_9434This is definitely a good view to get inspired while singing to a party !

IMG_9435When the ceremony begins, i can’t help taking few backstage shots. The setting is one of the best i’ve ever seen, and all the guests seem to be soaking up the magic atmosphere of this part of the island !


IMG_9444I think they both did very well with their speeches, despite the pressure, they managed to make all the guests feel emotional..!

IMG_9448After the ceremony, right before the drink reception, few last pictures are taken, and it’s time for me to start my set !

IMG_9449After the gig, i manage to get a snapshot of this lovely couple !

IMG_9454And after the delicious supper, the friends look very into having some fun at the photoboot..!




IMG_9476It’s cake time, and the bride’s brother managed to bring more than 20 kilos of cheeses through the customs..!!!

IMG_9477Malays and Greeks seem to share some common passions: great food, lush climate, and love for music !


IMG_9495Greek ladies dancing classic moves by the pool, while men watch and clap their hands…! Mediterranean people know how to enjoy life !


IMG_9498Later that night, it was disco time: down the cliff, near the beach, an open bar was waiting the guests, and more cocktails were being served while Dj’s were spinning records !

IMG_9504Many drinks later, i realized that maybe it was bedtime for me: i haven’t been that drunk since my teenage years !!!! I managed to go back to my room but i had to walk as no taxi wanted me to get onboard…this might explain a lot of things..!

IMG_9512The next morning, i was feeling surprisingly well, and after a quick jump in the pool, i decided to make the most of the amazing Greek light, and i went down to the village to take some pictures.

IMG_9519I heard familiar sounds from a distance, and realized that the local football team, Mykonos F.C., was actually playing  a match !!!


IMG_9528Decided to pull the hair of the dog:  got myself a sandwich and a beer, and headed to the nearest beach to chill out in the sunshine.


IMG_9532The 70’s are’nt over yet in this part of the world !

IMG_9533And the way light kisses any surface, it’s complete magic, and a delight for any photographer.

IMG_9535They don’t really need bus times here, do they..??

IMG_9541Towards the end of the day, i was invited to join some friends at sunset, grab few drinks and go for a proper meal in some authentic taverna.


IMG_9546The light at sunset makes you feel like you don’t wanna live in any other place on earth….Mykonos, what a magic island !


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