The good things of places like Norwich, is that they don’t change. Whether one stays away for 6 weeks or 6 months, everytime you come back this lovely city  welcomes you with some of his trademarks: to me, one of these is the encounter with the puppet man !
IMG_8820Once walking down to the Haymarket, i decide to go to say hello to Mike and his vintage shop at the rear of the market.He’s genuinely happy to see me, and i love to spend few words with such a nice chap everytime i’m in the city centre.

IMG_8821I give a look at one of my favourite pitches, where habitat used to be, and there you go, Rupert is busking his gipsy jazz at the violin!

IMG_8823Another place i have to stop to is the chip shop in St.Greggs, where Mauro, the lovely half Italian owner, now enjoys some relax, as the son came back from New York to run the family business, after a very nice restyling of the place. Mauro loves to practise his Italian with me, as he’s now spending the summers in his little italian hometown.

IMG_8824I always go for my classic order, a fish cake , small chips and one mayo, not too bad for 2 quid !

IMG_8825It’s time to get some new clothes, so i decide to spend the afternoon doing some shopping in the city !

IMG_8831Usually on a monday night, i like to have a go at the pool with my mate Nigel, who regularly beats me, even though, after a couple of pints, i normally get a bit more into the game !


IMG_8836In the following days iwas staying at Nigel’s place, while waiting for my flat to become available: so i had the chance to plug my laptop to his studio monitors and check the quality of the recordings i’ve done in Indonesia. They sounded surprisingly balanced, considering the basic equipment i used, and therefore in a couple of days, the 7 tracks of “Afronesia”, were mixed and mastered.The digital download of the album is available at http://miserablemanmusic.bandcamp.com/, and all the proceeds will go to a local seaturtles sanctuary on the little island of Gili Meno.

IMG_8842After few days, there was finally a sunny morning, and i dashed to the city to busk for the first time again after 6 months of absence!I met my good friend Pete, a local drummer and percussionist, and we’ve been busking together, playing few reggae tunes for the punters, who were definitely already delighted by the nice weather…!

IMG_8845My flatmate Jessica came to the city and she saw me busking. She stopped, bought me a delicious smoothie and i rewarded her with one of her favourite songs, “King Of Kings”, a classic ska tune by Prince Buster.

IMG_8846After a couple of hours we collected enough change, we packed up, split the dough and went to our favourite chips shop to get some food ! It’s a lovely simple life that i live in England…i’m happy to be back, but willing to keep moving around the world playing my music !!!


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