That day came at the end: that 28th of April printed on my return ticket arrived, after 6 months of adventures and amazing experiences. And here i am, waiting for my flight to London, expecting the same “goodbye Asia” kind of feeling to kick in, but this time it feels different. Maybe it is just because for the first time i’ve been travelling with my guitar and i just kept doing in Asia what i do back in the UK, but this time i feel like one new chapter of this amazing book called life is unfolding in front of me. I know i will come back to KL, because the friends i met here are not guesthouse/keepintouch/illsendyouanemail, type of friends: these are friends who i’ve spent some real quality time with, whose houses i visited and whose families i’ve met. They’re a part of my life as i hope to be for them myself. So with this new feeling of “here we go, let’e see what’s next”, i get to my seat and wait for the take off…


I love long flights because they’r so long that one actually can forget he’s flying. You are constantly pampered with movies, drinks, movies, and guess what, an exciting music selection as well. Zapping through the top100 albums playlist, i find out “The Dark Side Of The Moon”, and no song feels more appropriate than “A Great Gig In The Sky”. Now that i know how things went in the studio back in those days, i enjoy this beautiful song even more. The woman who recorded the singing part was Clare Torry: once she was done with her take, she was embarassed with the band as she tought she sung a bit over the top, while the whole band and the engineer were speechless and truly amazed by her improvisation, and that song became one of the Pink Floyd’s masterpieces.


IMG_8796On my way to London we made a stop over in Doha. Well, in love flying with middle eastern airlines because you always get to spend few hours in these airports where i feel blessed and grateful for not being born there. The absolute opulence and lack of style, the blatant wealth and the massive boredom floating in the air, make me feel so lucky of living in places where airports sell other items apart from gold necklaces, diamonds and Lamborghini’s , and of course, miniatures of sheiks and their veiled wives..!

IMG_8813Once i reached Heathrow’s arrival terminal and collected my luggage, a whiff of English breeze came in through the sliding doors, and while my body was still set to the 29/35 degrees of KL, the outside “spring” was actually colder than i could ever remember. I haven’t got any heavy clothes on me and while shivering an cursing myself for being at risk of losing my voice 2 days before a wedding gig, i’ve got on a bus to Norwich, where a 5 hours journey with no heating system was awaiting…! What a perfect welcome back to England !!!!
Now i’m craving for some proper english food, able to provide me with enough fats, in order to face this beginning of the “Summer”..!!!

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