Last weekend in KL: there’s nothing you can’t squeeze in 48 hours !

Since i left penang, my last 2 days schedule in KL included: Get to Bangsar/ Soundcheck/Play an early afternoon birthday gig/Eat a Pizza/Go to see Kairil and Laurie at their new flat avoiding hardcore meat eaters bbq temptations/Go to Chinatown/ Pick up my stuff/Say goodbye to the staff/Cry/Get to Jankat/Soundcheck/Play last gig of the Asian Busking Tour at Pisco Bar/Get incredibly pissed to fight the pain/Say goodbye to everybody/Cry/Grab my last Nasi Goreng Seafood in Jalan Alor/Jump on a taxi/ Get to Pasar Seni LRT station/Get to the Airport/Check In/Put my ass on a plane to London.

IMG_8567The gig at Vineria was lovely: Max, the Italian owner is a big Reggae lover and he wanted me to play a set for his daughter’s birthday.Baloons, happy kids, great Italian buffet and a lovely vibe made me forget my previous nearly sleepless in Penang !

IMG_8578Jumped on a cab right after the show and  went to Lauren and Khairil’s new flat, to say goodbye and check out their amazing new place.

IMG_8732A stunning apartment, with a great view over the city and a lot of space. They had few friends coming up for a bbq, but sadly i had to dash to Chinatown to get my stuff sorted and get ready for my last gig in Malaysia.



IMG_8745Once at Pisco Bar, i soundchecked and anxiously been waiting for man, the excellent drummer who plays with me in nearly all my KL shows. he’s reliable, but of course he’s got this Malay sense of time.. !!!

IMG_8749Yvonne and Nico, the lovely owners, prepared my little corner: i like to have a bit of personal space as i play right beside the bar.It’s alway great to have your private area where you can put your stuff and place the several drinks coming from the staff and the customers all throughout the show !

IMG_8750Finally Man Kanan turned up with his cajon and his trademark , a different bandana or hat at every gig. We played few notes to make sure levels were ok, and then enjoyed a drink before starting to rock the night !

IMG_8756As it was my last show in Malaysia for a while, i invited as many friends as possible, and it was great to see them all coming in while we were playing the first set.

IMG_8765Our good friend and great singer Karen, joined us for a few tunes and everybody loved the interaction between us !

IMG_8775The crowd makes the show: the place itself is a lovely modern bar with a great light, and in few minutes we were able to create a very warm atmosphere…!



923428_428641117232731_101665157_n After the show, the best part was awaiting: share my last hours in KL with all the great people i’ve met. It’s not always easy to deal with this sort of relationships. The more i travel the more people i meet and it can be hard to part sometimes, but i always focus on the moment and keep in mind that we all live in the same planet and we will meet again if this is meant to be !

IMG_8778Been kissed by the spanish pirates !!!

IMG_8782From tears to laughter in few seconds !!!


IMG_8785After all the goodbyes, we went to our usual place for some Thai food and then, Kevin, Harry and Eddy, took me to the station on my way to the airport. it’s good to know that the last faces i saw before my departure, will probably be the first ones i will see when i’ll come back !!!


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