There are many things that money can’t buy, no matter how much one is willing to pay.  And often they are the best ones…!

IMG_8437Since i’ve managed to support my travels through concerts and CD’s sales, i stopped using my ATM card after Christmas. Before going to Indonesia, i changed some ringgit to ruphias, and once i was in Gili Meno, i realized i needed a bit more cash.

I woke up one day and went to the other island, the only one with a cash machine, only to find out that i’ve totally forgotten my PIN code. I tried different combinations, but in order to avoid the card to be taken from the bank, i had to quit after 2 attempts.
After few thoughts, i decided that a good option to enjoy my last days on the island, would would be, leaving my bungalow and live on the beach, in this way i could save those few dollars a day, enough to keep me going.

IMG_8433There’s a little “restaurant” at the end of the main beach, and i used to go there in the hot afternoons to practise or work at lyrics.

IMG_8440It was also a good place to find shelter in case the weather had to turn nasty.

IMG_8448The father of the family offered me to stay there at night, and share the little gazebos with them. It sounded perfect to me..!

IMG_8533I had the chance to live few days the way locals do: the real life of these people is quite hard, even though they live in a beautiful place.Waking up at dawn with the first rays of sun in the blue pink sky, and falling asleep at night looking at the bonfire on the beach…it sounds cliche’, but these are actually the things that make me connect with my ancestors and with the nature the most.

IMG_8432Plus i could enjoy the presence of the family members, including a new little baby girl, the old uncle who’s getting blind and gets by making massages on the beach, and the other little girl.



IMG_8546After few days, happy to have spent my last moments on the island in this way, i’ve jumped on a fast boat and headed to Lombok, on my way to Bali.

IMG_8549Decided to spend the 2 hours journey sitting on the deck despite the strong sun: my skin was quite used to it, and i needed to soak up every little drop of my trip back towards Malaysia..>!

IMG_8550Once at the Denpasar airport, in a surreal atmosphere between past and future, folklore and business, dream and reality, just sat down waiting for my flight back to KL, going back with my mind to the great moments i’ve lived  in my Indonesian experience, at the same time enjoying the idea of this never ending musical journey across countries, nature and people..!



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