On my Top 10 of the favourite foods, there is Lotek; a delicious Sundanese version of the famous indonesian Salad called Gado Gado. Lotek differs from this last one by a few important ingredients. i always have my lotek when i’m in Jogjakarta, Central Java, in this little stall right around the corner where i use to sleep, in the neighbourhood behind Sosrowijaian Street.

IMG_6471Everything starts by crushing the most important spices together in the mortar: fresh red chillies, garlic, salt and dried shrimp paste.

IMG_6456Once they are grinded properly we are ready for the next ingredient to create the peanut sauce, wich is the main dressing.

IMG_6457An handful of peanuts is added to the base and grinded into a fine paste.


IMG_6461 A chunk of palm sugar is crushed together with the mix.

IMG_6463Then some water previously scented with kaffir lime and tamarind is added to the mix in the right quantity to create a paste.

IMG_6465 Then some steamed rice dumplings are added to the recipe.

IMG_6468 Last but not least, a mixture of bleached vegetables complete the recipe: water spinach, soya bean sprouts, green beans and some cucumber slice.

IMG_6470 Everything gets stirred together with the peanut sauce and the Lotek is ready to be served.


IMG_6474A final touch is added by some Kerupuk, a local kind of crisp and with 6000 Rupiahs (50 Euro cents), you can enjoy this delicacy..!! Selamat makan !



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