Even when i travel i like my routines. Sometimes i travel back to places just to see some of the good people i met: so everytime i’m in Jogjakarta, i tell the taxi driver at the airport to drop me in Sosrowijaian, near Malioboro Road, and i come back home..!

IMG_6246This lovely guesthouse is runned by Mr. Ghandi and his wife, a very nice couple with 2 kids. They’re Christians, wich down here is quite an unusual thing.

IMG_6236Mr. Ghandi is very chilled: he’s a skinny man who takes life very easy. he likes to read his news in the morning and take several little naps during the hot Javanese days.

IMG_6245The house is set in a very cozy neighbourhood, few hundred meters from the train station and the main market. Despite its proximity with one of the busiest areas of the city, there’s alot of green around, and apart from thecall of the muezzin twice a day, one does’nt hear much noise round here.

IMG_6239The daily life runs smoothly: the locals gather around the corner where a little stall serves lotek, the delicious local salad wich is s javanese version of the Gado Gado.

IMG_6238Sitting on the spacious terrace upstairs, one can hear the happy children playing, and the ice cream cart ringing his bell.

IMG_6240Mr. Ghandi is always helpful and can give you free maps of the city plus precious tips whether you need him to organize some further trip or you wanna go by yourself.

IMG_6243The guesthouse used to be an art shop as well, and some of the traditional Javanese articrafts still hanging on the walls.

IMG_6244Some others instead, are personally decorated by the owner and put out in the entry..as a welcome for the guests..!!

IMG_6247Plus the guesthouse provides its guests with free coffee and tea 24 hours a day, and fruit salad in the morning.

IMG_6242Javanese coffee is delicious and needs its time to be drunk, as you need to wait for the powder to deposit on the bottom of the cup…
This is definitely an hard place to leave…



  1. well. What can I say?
    I think you might be one of the top five things on the internet.
    So pleased I’ve tracked you down.
    I’m from Reedham originally, just down the road from Norwich. I been in Sydney for 13 years. Last June me and Cat (the missus) and our son Silas were in Norwich visiting me mum. Cat was in Topshop for about 40 minutes, this would usually do my head in, luckily, you were singing. Fuck man,loved it, really really loved it. I been searching to not much avail, then hey presto. I found you.
    The asia tour looks incredible, connecting with the kids via music, so beautiful.
    SO. We is getting wed in December in the countyside out of Sydney on a farm in a barn.
    HOW? do I convince you to play at our wedding?
    Long shot I know.
    Travel safe and keep up the amazing performances.
    We love you

    Cheers MM
    Tim Cat Silas + Peggy-Mittens (dog) X

    • Hi Tim, thanks for your support.. !
      i would love to be able to play at your wedding, but i normally spend the winter abroad, so i don’t think i will be around in December next year.
      If for any reason i had to change my plans, i will let you know straight away.

      Thanks again and take care..



      • MM
        thanks so much for getting back to me. Not sure if I was clear, We’re getting married here, in Sydney, that is abroad, no?
        I’m guessing you like the sunshine.
        Me too!
        Safe day.



      • Well, do you mean Sidney Australia..? If so, i might consider the idea as probably i will be around Asia.
        let me know exact venue address and dates, so i’ll try to plan thing out…

        Speak soon..
        take care !!

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