Early wake in my well seasoned room in Chinatown KL, and ready to get on the bus to the airport. Flight to Jogja, at 1155 AM.

IMG_6218Airasia made things quite easy for travellers: plus the small size of its airport makes the waiting time quite comfortable. I’m a bit stressed for the “guitar as cabin luggage” thing, as it exceeds the normal sizes, but at the check in they tell me that it’s fine, as long as it’s inside a soft case. So i check my 10Kg little bacpack, that contains a kilo of clothes and 9 of cables, microphones, pedals, batteries and other music related stuff.

IMG_6220Sorry but no Ninja blades or water guns allowed on board !

IMG_6219Air Asia flyes in dozens of destinations across Asia, and you just have to get to the right platform and jump on the aircraft : as easy as catching a bus !

IMG_6222 The choice of the color red and a slightly Cocacol-esque font, seem to be a good marketing tool for this extremely successful company!

IMG_6223I read somewhere that a good tip for musicians is to try to be one of the first to enter the aircraft: in this way there will be no stress in finding a place for the instrument.


IMG_6224This time i was actually the real first one..!

IMG_6225We kinda had a rough landing, as in this period the currents between Malaysia and java seem to be quite strong, but i’ve got safe in Jogja, right on time for a javanese nasi goreng…


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