I love taking pictures in Kuala Lumpur. Especially at dusk, right before the sun sets over the busy streets of the city.

IMG_6151It’s a modern city and therefore it offers a lot of good opportunities to concentrate on compositions and volumes, textures and colors.

IMG_6150There’s a special moment when the artificial light are turned on, but yet there’s some natural light available. This creates an interesting combination of different light temperatures and hues. The cold neon lights, and the yellowish sunset glow can mix together well, especially if you keep your camera settings in auto white balance and you’re up for spending some time in post production.

IMG_6135I love the way the blue, yellow and green hues of different light sources can mix together.


IMG_6124Advertising pictures can be interesting subjects themselves, once the sun is down and the spotlights give them a bit of exposure.

IMG_6123And the city never sleeps, so you can always rely on someone walking by, in order to enrich your framing and give the picture a bit of dynamics.


If you’re into fine art photography, you can see more of my works at


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