There are people who work very hard, with love and passion, and i’m keen to think that these are the ones who become successful, no matter what they do or what sort of stuff they deal with. I think that this little man is the perfect example of this category.  At the end of  Jalan Tun HS Lee, in the middle of Chinatown, one of the busiest spots is this little corner restaurant. On the entry of this old and picturesque Chinese cofee bar, everyday from 12 to 230, a long queue of people are waiting for their daily dose of delicious food. Sometimes you queue up for about 20 minutes and if you get there too late there’s no food left at all. At times, people start queing up even before the chef is htre…Now, that’s success !!!


Palam, that’s his name, told me he’s been doing this for the last 5 years. I told him that i consider him being the fastest moving malay person i’ve ever seen ! He has to serve so many hungry customers in so little time, that sometimes he does’nt even have the time to look at you, but he’s always friendly and the food never stops to amaze me for its quality, variety and freshness. He claims he’s a self taught chef and many of the dishes are “his own special secret recipe..!”. I do believe him, as since the first time i tasted his food, something violently brought me back to India, somewhere between Rajahstan and Goa: the mix of the spices, the colours and textures were amazingly similar to the real deal, as i’ve noticed that other Indian restaurants in KL serve a “”reproduction” of the real Indian cuisine. This guy is an incredibly talented cook: his food tastes like mama’s food; it’s rich but not oily, tasty but not heavy, and last but not least, it’s dirt cheap. With something between 5 and 7 RM you can stuff yourself..!

IMG_5877 copiaThe vegetarian side includes 3/4 different vegetables, paneer, soya currys (mockmeat), salad, curried eggs, spicy omelette, mushrooms, and on the non veg side one can get different meat curries, dry and wet, fish masalas, fried fish, and of course, rasam, dal, and papadums. I normally go for a veg option but sometimes i try the curry fish wich is delicious.

IMG_5809The great thing of this place, apart from the food, is to see how many chinese people come here every day on their lunchbreak. i can see them raving about this guy’s recipes and enjoying their curries. When the food is good and prepared with love, no one can resist, and cultures and traditions disappear..!!! One Love, One heart, One Food..!!! Satu Ati, Satu Cinta…SATU MAKAN !!!

IMG_5877 copia 3

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