I know, i’m running a bit late with the blog updates, but sometimes, when travelling is good, you tend to live rather than writing about life.

IMG_5687Trains and buses were so fully booked because of the new Year and the Ko Phan Gan’s full moon party, than it literally took a week before i could jump on a train back to Malaysia. Luckily i’ve got a ticket to travel on the night of the 31st, so i did’nt feel guilty of not partying hard enough !!!

IMG_5688Few minutes after the train left Hualampong station, i was already missing Bangkok, but at the same time i was excited at the idea of getting back to KL. A busy month of gigs was awaiting, plus a lot of old friends to see, so i was definitely happy to be on the road again.

IMG_5699When you are used to Indian trains, a 16 hours journey on a Thai one is like a week on a resort at the Maldives. In the late afternoon, someone will come to prepare your bed for the night, with clean linens and air conditioned. Of course the food is always a good deal in Thailand, so as soon as the darkness came down i moved to the restaurant coach to enjoy the New Years Eve in complete solitude.

IMG_5701The staff seemed to be already quite tipsy: loud huge speakers were blowing Thai pop and hard rock tunes, and a nice humid tropical breeze was coming in from the open windows.

IMG_5706Sometimes i like to drink alone: i like to observe the effects of the alcohol on the mind and the way it affects the flow of your thoughts. Someone once said “..drink because you’re happy, but never because you’re miserable..!”. Well, i find it being a clever advice..!

IMG_5709After a big bottle of Chang, the loud music and the shaking of the train, i thought of ordering some fried rice in order to soak up !

IMG_5712New Year’s happens every year…i don’t care…i don’t need…every night for me is a New Year’s one…!!

IMG_5715Time to sleep, otherwise tomorrow it’s not gonna be a very pleasant day…Good night Thailand..!! 


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