Thanks to a Thai Facebook fan, once i’ve got to Bangkok, i managed to get a gig in this amazing place, The Studio Bar. It’s a super cozy bar located in the  Lat Praho area, runned by 3 enthusiast brothers that love having live music every night. Plus there is great Thai/Fusion food and the place is furbished in a very Vintage/Funky style. If you happen to be around Bangkok, don’t miss a night out in this spot!  Get more info at

IMG_4640I have been lucky enough to open for a very talented and popular Thai alternative band called Greasy Cafe’: needless to say the place was packed !

IMG_4662A fan gets a picture taken with the singer from Greasy Cafe.

IMG_4659Before and after the gigs, one can have a go at the free pool outside while sipping a Chang.

IMG_4658Or have a smoke-a-break on the swing just in front of the bar.

IMG_4657After my 30 minutes slot, Greasy Cafe went on stage and performed an amazing show.

IMG_4654Their fans are very passionate and have been singing along to any song the band played !


IMG_4643Thai girls love their beer !!!

IMG_4633The bar is pretty busy until the wee hours of the morning.

IMG_4632Even during the show, lovers keep whispering sweet stuff..??

IMG_4631My Thai friends are far away from getting thirsty !

IMG_4625I have been posing for countless pictures that night, and signing CD’s…Maybe because this place don’t see pratically any western tourist ever !?

IMG_4620Anyapatch takes a picture of me to keep the good memories alive..!



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