While travelling towards Bangkok on a the train from Hat Yai i took some snapshots of the what’s going on alongside the tracks. I woke up after a good night of sleep and the sun was already high and bright. I’m not used to travel with air con, therefore i thought i lost the sense of time, as the temperature did’nt dramatically change as it does when you travel in a cheaper class.

I love the morning light: it’s sweeter than the midday one, yet is not as dramatic as the one around sunset. I thinkl the best pictures in Asia are taken between 5Am and 7 AM. The light is delicate, elegant and makes every subject worth watching.

The landscape is quite pleasant but as we get closer to the big city of Bangkok, the concrete starts getting a more predominant element in the picture.

I started taking snapshots of the life along the tracks, even though it feels a bit odd to steal moments of people’s lives just standing behing a window that you can’t even open.

I’m invisible: these people are so used to the train that they don’t even look at it anymore. This gives me even more protection. no one will ever turn his face to the lens, spoiling the natural feel of the images. Two friends are smoking a cigarette, and another man is going to feed the ducks. Few hundreds of meter later, a woman is drying her hair while soap operas are on the telly.

Two men are coming back home: they look like cops or something. It’s just early  morning, but the sun is high and the daily routine is already started.

There are places that a foreigner can only see from behind a window. It would be very hard to retrace the way to these little houses coming from the concrete jungle wich Bangkok is.

Even though these area might look poor and depressing i like the way these people live their everyday life, so close to the trains and their noise and pollution. This is a big Asian city, and each one finds his way out on the daily race.

 I like the contrast between the tropical vegetation and the rust on the tin that houses are made of, as well as the vivid colours of the clothes drying in the morning sun.

Once we get to the main station, the city finally shows all its charme: old buildings, wires and the tropical textures are food for my eyes.

People are crossing the tracks and i can finally tell i’m back in Bangkok. One can tell the huge big city by its buzzing energy.

After 16 hours, the train finallys stops. As i get out of the coach, the old tropical feeling is there to welcome me. I love being assaulted by the heat, the sounds and the smells of the tropics. People are already at  work loading goods on another train ready to somewhere else: this city never sleeps.

This station has somewhat at european feel to it. This could be Milan, Paris or London. If it was’nt for the images of the king and the Thai signs that make everything more exotic.

Hundreds of people are already waiting for their trains sitting down patienly reading their newspapers. I walk  towards the exit enjoying the idea of being in Bangkok again. let’s catch a bus for Banglamphu and let the adventure go on!


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