I love taking pictures of sleeping people on the street. I love their innocence and the courage, and sometimes the desperation that can bring a human being to abandon himself to hours of sleep, in front of the strangers.

Some may say that Asian streets are full of indifference: i’d say that, unlike many cities in the western world, here there is acceptance and comprehension for those less fortunate that cannot even afford a dorm bed for the night.

The tropical temperatures induce a sleepy mood, and what i love in Asia is that people seem to fall asleep everywhere and at any time of the day. If they’re tired or just waiting for a bus, and there’s an available surface, they don’t mind taking a nap.

Even during working shift at my guesthouse, the staff don’t mind having a nap if the day runs too slow..

Anyway, street sleeping is no random business: a lot of the people i’ve been taking picture of, are regularly in their usual spots. They live the city at its fullest. There’s no air-con for them, nor shower in the morning, and yet they manage to get by in a tropical big city, waking up everyday because the place they’re sleeping in might be a shop that needs to open.

These people are everywhere in Asia, and we should think about them everytime we complain about a guesthouse room being untidy, or the shower not being nice enough…Sleep well my brothers, good night.

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