One of the things i love the most in Malaysia, is that, unlike other Asian countries, you can travel in time, often not only in the same place, but in the same day as well. Suppose you wake up and grab a proper coffee in a hundred years old Chinese kopi house, and then you head to a place where you can buy a vintage AC/DC t-shirt, listen to a showcase with emerging bands that sound as good (if not better) than the ones you get back home, and partecipate to a Skateboarding contest. This is what i did the other day: i headed to Dataran Merdeka, and i spent a couple of hours amongst the alternative/indie/vintage/grungy/punky/reggae youth of this city.

The Pop Fest (https://www.facebook.com/popfestKL) is a festival for the Indie community of the capital. That’s the place to visit if you’re into alternative music, skateboard, vintage clothing, collectors items,  indipendent films, photography, permaculture, spirituality, social activism and much more.

Young skateboarders landing their tricks while the speaker is commenting the demo: Vans shoes and Trasher shades go together with  old vintage comics, for sale on one of the many stalls.

Original vintage clothings can be found here, but prices are’nt cheap. I spotted an original  “Fly On The Wall Tour 1985” t-shirt from the band Angus Young, and an Iron maiden one, from the years of “Powerslave”. They both were as expensive as 2 weeks lodging  on my guesthouse !

Inside the pavillon there was a stage with sound engineers, professional cameramen and photographers, ready for the emerging bands to showcase. Malay youth has a knack for exterme sounds: heavy metal, hardcore, death and grindcore are well appreciated down here,and there’s also a Muslim Rock kinda scene. One of the bands is called Alfarabiband https://www.facebook.com/AlFarabibandOfficial?fref=ts

Alongside with the music,,there are several boots promoting the work of emerging writers.

 Of course, photography could’nt be missing, and a very nice boot was selling and promoting filom photography, toy cameras, black and white material and offering workshops for photoreportage enthusiasts. More info are available at http://www.phototravel.com.my

If we talk about new fashion ideas, a very interesting one is produced by SutanKL, a local clothing company, aiming to mix modern streetwear with old traditional batik textiles. The owner believes that the old fashion still worth be considered, and its heritage should’nt gone lost or forgotten. These t-shirts look cool, colourful and elegant..well done Sultan! More info about their collection herehttps://www.facebook.com/SultanFabKL?fref=ts

Malays are proud of their culture and traditions, and some of the old forms of art is far from being dismissed. Mohd Alfi Syahmi, is a local calligrapher, able to produce paintings, logos, illustrations and graphics using the timeless and always elegant  traditional arabic writing. Check out his works at http://www.gajirkaligrafi.blogspot.com/

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