There is one place in KL, where you could spend weeks sampling different dishes. It’s a street called Jalan Alor, and it’s behind Jalan Bukit Bintang.

This place is always full, and at different times of the day and especially at night, locals, Chinese and western tourists, alternate on the plastic tables all along the road. In order to cater to such differentiate crowd, the offer of food is quite wide, even though pretty much focused on high quality street Asian food. So, not that many pancakes and hamburgers here, but plenty of Malay, Chinese, Thai, Middle Eastern and so on.

Everywhere people at  work: frying, steaming, stir frying and chopping…Thousands of portions are served from 7pm ’til the wee hours of the morning.

A lot of food stills being cooked on charcoal: the timeless smell spreads around and make people crave for a cold beer, after a day of steamy tropical heat.

Wether one is looking for exotic fruits or huge portions of fresh seafood, everything is ready to order, well displayed..that’s the Asian way!

Alongside food stalls and restaurant, there are Chinese men selling peluche Pandas, Thais selling pirate DVD’s and even live entertainment, provided by the local buskers and Chinese disabled people, who make a living singing karaoke on a wheelchair, often working for a quite dodgy network who seems to be taking them from their country to more touristy places, especially where wealthy Chinese tourists, don’t mind paying few ringgit to hear an old traditional song. This is Asia…!!

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