Even KL has its Sunset Boulevard: it’s in the area of Bukit Bintang and the main strip is called Jalan Bintang. Are you looking for some nightlife..? There you go !

Wether you’re looking for a Ladyboy or a BigMac, a Thai massage or a Pakistani kebab, a Mojto or a Chinese reflexology treatment, this is the place to be. I’ve been strolling up and down this road several times in the last hot sleepless nights, and i have to say, this streets has nothing to worry when compared to Sukhumvit Rd. in Bangkok.

One of the most famous street entertainer of the city is Gold Man, a man who earns his living just standing still on the sidewalk completely painted gold. He’s got already a lot of imitations, including what i called “The Silver Man”, who actually does the same job, but just on a different “dress”: this is Asia ! You can find a lot of buskers and street sellers here, especially in front of KFC and Papa Ritch, a chain restaurant who “bought” a piece of  just in front of its tables, in order to provide live entertainment to its customers.

Beside McDonalds, KFC and expensive cocktails bars, you still can find local food stalls and grab a cheap can of beer in one of the little shops. You don’t need to get to a club here, the real party is on the street !

Of course, this is Asia, and the poverty is always around the corner. On a street like this it becomes a job as well: even few coins a night, are better than nothing.

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