When i first went to KL 3 years ago, i was mesmerized by the quantity, quality and variety of food that was available on the streets. Without literally never have to walk the door of any restaurant, one has the chance to explore this unique  jungle of tastes and flavours, that perfectly reflects the cultural mix of the country.

Even though the choice of places to go to is virtually endless, i have pretty much all my basic meals in the same place: it’s a street restaurant in Chinatown, where you can find an amazing selection of authentic malay cuisine, prepared in pure mama style. You are given a plate of steamed rice and then the choice is entirely up to you. This place is constantly packed with locals, either sitting on the plastic tables near the road or taking their food away.

Alongside with the meat dishes (no pork!), egges, tofu and tempe, you can pick from lots of different vegetables, mushrooms, fruits, green herbs, fish and seafood…help yourself!

Some fresh sprouts, vegetables and greens ? A vegetarian haven !

And for who’s into grilled fish with separate sauces..!!

You can get as many sidedishes as you want, and when you eat a plate like this, you hardly spend more than 5 RM (1£)!

Unlike India, the nice thing of Malaysia is that you can drink iced water as the locals do without spending days at the toilet: this makes you feel somewhat closer to them, when there’s no plastic bottle with you all the time!

And if you come for breakfast but you’re not too hungry, you can always enjoy a Kopi Susu (coffee with condensed milk0 ht or with ice..and the bananas are free !


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