After 3 days in KL, i’m just now able to take a break and update the blog. This city is overwhelming: despite it’s size and population (1.6 millions people), it looks and feels like a place such New York or Tokio. A concrete jungle with an heart of gold.!

Since the arrival at the airport, one can tell that this city is all about interaction between nature and technology, in terms of the tropical lush jungle-type vegetation, growing healty and wild among the most modern and tallest buildings of the planet.

Time to collect my luggage , get some ringgit out the ATM machine and i’m ready to face the extreme heat and humidity of this capital city.

From the airport a  bus takes me to KL central, the main transportation hub of the city where i jump on the tube heading to Chinatown.

As you get out of the tube the warm tropical air is thick as butter and the smell of clove is pungent. The river flows through the concrete and the local street artists add a touch of color to the walls of the city, giving it a New York-ish feel.

The mix of nature and technology is a sign of what Kuala Lumpur is in terms of ethnic variety and cultures crossover: it’s the capital of one of the biggest muslim countries in Asia, but the Hindu gopuras and the Chinese details are all around.

When KL was founded, back in the 1850, the Malay chief Rajah Abdullah, hired  chinese people to work at the mines, and since then the story of KL has been a story of gangs, rivaltry, and competition between traders. More details about the Far West-ish background of this place here http://www.visitkualalumpur.com/cmarter.asp?doc=377&node=349



  1. Wishing you good luck on your tour, I firsy met you in Norwich and subsequently you played at my grand daughters wedding in Septembers. My favourite in my earlier years was Bob Marley and still is so its really refreshing to hear his music being spread over the world, Good Luck

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