On a cold early morning, the 29th October, MM started his busking adventure: after a night of basically no sleep, pints of beer with the friends i will leave home for a bit (including a mean drummer, dressed as Glenn Danzig at his self promoted halloween bash !!), my physical conditions could’nt have been worse. Woke up at 5 AM, had my last percolator coffee for a while, made sure everything was ready to go and jumped in a taxi to get me on the bus to Heathrow. My night dreams have also been disturbed by the rumors i’ve read about, blaming Qatart Airways to be the worst company for musicians to fly with. Apparently they have been letting down many guitar player at the final boarding, being extremely fussy on their carry on luggage policies. I had to stop thinking about it  and decided to leave everything in the wise hands of Jah (or Saraswati, if you like..). Once at the airport, i’ve managed to get through the check in quite quickly and been told that i will be able to fly with my axe, once the cabin crew will be informed..! I had to travel extremely light as my only bag allows me to take few clothes, together with the audio interface, a delay pedal, some MM cd’s and few leads,while the mics and laptop will be staying in the guitar case, much safer than in the carriage.

It’s a lovely feeling to know that this time there’s no trolley, no amp and bloody batteries to carry around: just an acoustic guitar on my back and a little backpack with all the necessary recording devices. Once i’m seated and waiting for taking off, it’s time to open a little gift i’ve received from BaapuJi, wich will prove to be very useful, eithr during the flight as when sleeping in cheap bedbugs infested guesthouses full of drunken lads in their glorious gap year: an handmade sleeping mask, earplugs and a little notebook..!! Qatar airways provides an impressive on board entertainement, including loads of brand new movies and old classics, plus lots of music, with the option of creating your own 99 songs compilation to listen to..!! I decide to watch an India flavoured comedy called “Marigold Hotel”, a very well done job that brought a tear to my eyes and made want to get my indian visa as soon as possible..! If you’ve been to India and you either loved or deeply hated the experience, this is a good movie to watch: check the trailer here i don’t seem to be the only india freak, as in the news i see that someone else will be going to the Subcontinent to get some Ayurvedic treatments, with the only difference, that she will stay in a £12000 a night suite !! During the long flight i had the chance to see either sunset and dawn, plus amazing skyscapes: there were so many little kids on board competely lost in their IPad, and i wondered how come not so many people enjoy the spectacular views that a long flight can offer..I felt like a kid myself, looking over this majestic carpet of clouds, in the hope to see an UFO popping out, Jesus Christ having a walk or Superman chasing the airplane…
I see skyes of blue and clouds of white..Kuala Lumpur…here i cooome !!!

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