The terrible english weather of the last few days helped me to concentrate and to get some recordings done. I added the last electric guitar touches this morning and mixed this afternoon: “Real Rastaman” my new single, should be released on free download next weekend, right before my departure for the Asian Busking Tour. I really like this new song, and i feel that the stuff i’m writing recently is always more close to my idea of making music.
The recording times in the studio are getting shorter, the takes i need to get the job done always less, and even in terms of editing and mixing, i managed to keep things very simple and spontaneous. I kinda like the fragility in this new track, but at the same time its strenght and truth. I wrote the lyrics in few minutes, about stuff i’ve never really thought about before. the rhymes came out quickly and the phrasing flowed quite naturally: for the chorus i’ve been inspired by a famous Sugar Minott quote. 
I also feel the energy and the love for music that Ale, the italian drummer that always works with me, puts in his takes. The fact that he records the drums in Italy and sends the tracks back to the UK, does’nt seems to take the energy away from the final product: despite our physical distance we’re very connected when it’s studio time. The bass line on the song it’s been a one take i’ve recorded as soon as i’ve opened the bounce he’s send me: i always try not to think about basslines too much, as i’m afraid of losing the instant feel. I rather hear some mistakes in the take, but still feel the “jam” feel to it…i guess this is where the fragility i talk about comes from.



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