I thought i made my mind up, but since the other day i took my ultimate decision: the Asian Busking tour will be an acoustic one.There are many reasons behind this apparently not so important decision. The main one is that logistically, it will be much easier to travel with a stripped down acoustic rig: pulling my 25kg trolley on the steamy sidewalks of concrete jungles like Kuala Lumpur or Bangkok, could leave me breathless, dehidrated and exhausted even before i start to set up my gear for a busking session. Then there is the human factor: since the other day when i was recording the guitars of my upcoming single “Real Rastaman”, i felt something special, something that i had nearly forgotten about during these last 2 years of restless electric busking activity.For some reason, when one plays an acoustic guitar, the “less is more” factor comes in to play. All of a sudden there is more emphasis on the songwriting and you can get so inspired when you lazily strum your guitar while sipping your first coffee, that you can easily come up with a new tune before you know it.

Acoustic guitar seems to connect more deeply with the place where musical ideas come from. Maybe the lack of electricity, speakers, pedals and leads, brings the musical vibration back to its primitive state: strings vibrate, and a body of wood amplifies the sound gently spreading these sonic waves around, without the “unnatural” push of the electric device that we call amplifier. Why to amplify something that is already existing, something pure and magic like a river flowing in a valley..
Plus, when you play an acoustic guitar, you need to look for a place with a natural good acoustic, or sing louder with the risk of losing your voice.This would probably make whoever is really interested, to stop by, get quieter and carefully listen to the music.


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